Heiße Nadel – nicht nur am Tacho. Der Name der Tattoo-Künstlerin aus Moskau klingt vielversprechend. Nein, auch ihre Werke sind es. Von den vielen Stilen, die wir hier finden, von Dotwork bis hin zu Oldschool, hat sich die Russin Sasha Unisex einfach mal keinen zum Vorbild genommen, sondern einen eigenen geschaffen. BMW Motorrad hat diese Kunst für sich entdeckt und engagierte die Künstlerin kurzerhand um die neue BMW S 1000 XR mit Stichen zu personalisieren…

TeaserMagazine_BMW-Motorrad_Sasha_PortraitTEASER Magazine: Please describe your style in a few sentences…

Sasha Unisex: My style is most of all similar to water color graphics, smooth transitions, but thus forms quite accurate and graphical. I love unusual color combinations and neat forms. Most often I draw nature and animals because I am very much inspired by them.

TEASER Magazine: What is the tattoo scene about in Russia?

Sasha Unisex: There are a lot of good tattoo artists working in different styles in Russia, which are among the best around the world. Different tattoo conventions are held here regularly including international ones. Every year people are getting more and more fond of tattoos and the number of these people increases.

TEASER Magazine: What kind of people want a tattoo from you?

Sasha Unisex:
These young people are of different professions; very often they come for their first tattoo. A lot of people travel here from different cities and countries. Most of these people are very open-minded and friendly.

TEASER Magazine: How do you get to know these people to make a perfect tattoo consulting?

Sasha Unisex: Customers tell me their wishes, sometimes share their life stories or secrets; it helps me to understand them better. On the basis of this knowledge I create sketches for them.

TEASER Magazine: What was the first connect to BMW?

TeaserMagazine01_BMW-Motorrad_Sasha_SashasStudioSasha Unisex: The first experience working with BMW was excellent; it was fun communicating with them. If someone wants me to make a special tattoo, I always try to get to know this person in depth, as this is the only way I can recreate a part of their soul. In this case, however, there was no ‘person’ to get to know, but a motorcycle: the BMW S 1000 XR racing red. It stands out like a sore thumb in the grey rainy streets of Moscow, much like a city fox. This was why
the link was made between the animal chosen as the theme for the tattoo and the powerful 160 hp machine. I decided to create a fox for BMW Motorrad. As well as being a beautiful, graceful and fast animal, the fox is well known for its cunningness and intelligence. It was the first time, that I created a tatoo for a motorcycle. A very special experience for me.

TEASER Magazine: How can a tattoo artist develop herself?

Sasha Unisex:
A tattoo artist can develop herself in different fields, especially if it is dedicated to art. Because first of all he/she is the artist. From my point of view it can be for example prints, books, clothes design, different collaborations with well-known brands.

TEASER Magazine: Plans and projects for the future?

Sasha Unisex:
My future plans are to open a studio in Europe and the further development of my own brand.

TeaserMagazine22_BMW-Motorrad_Sasha_S1000XR TeaserMagazine25_BMW-Motorrad_Sasha_S1000XR

Text: Susie von den Stemmen

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